I am a strong powerful independent woman. These are affirmations I constantly tell myself. I believe them. I am proud of who I am, my accomplishments, my history, my present and I hope my future. Every part of who I am today belongs to a part of my past. It has been a very vibrant one with many trials and tribulations. But I consider myself lucky. I have persevered, prevailed and endured. And that makes me the person I am today. 

Where does this strength and power come from? It comes from within. Each of us has this strength, each of us has this power. Sometimes it shines through not from action but with our silence. Sometimes it comes through with our patience. Sometimes it is the ability to accept our failures and grow and learn from them. 

Within each of us is a reservoir. It is full of life and experience, you draw on it and use it to nurture your actions and reactions. You decide how to make your life full and you use this reserve to give you the insight you need. But sometimes we don’t have the necessary experiences, we don’t have the past that will help us with our future, what then?

This is where our collective history, our pooled cache of experience comes into play.  How many times have you talked something over with your friends, coworkers, or family? Pulling from their strength, their power, their knowledge? 

We are all strong, we are all powerful in our own ways, but together we are invincible.