Just recently I was told by someone I owe them a hug. I beg to differ, I don’t owe anyone anything. Well maybe a bit of money here and there, but definitely not a hug. This is something personal I choose to give. You can ask for one but is my choice to give it or not. 

So to all those who are always asking… 

I don’t owe you affection
I don’t owe you humor
I don’t owe you fidelity
I don’t owe you sorrow
I don’t owe you love
I don’t owe you kindness
I don’t owe you anything

I choose what to give and when. It is my declaration of independence from debt. If I owe anyone anything it is to myself. 

I do owe myself time
I do owe myself respect
I do owe myself space
I do owe myself a vacation
I do owe myself fulfillment
I do owe myself satisfaction 

I take what I owe myself seriously and so I take these things often,  among many other things. Call me selfish, call me egotistical, call me anything you like… But I am the most important person to me, and so I pay my debts sooner or later.