The words I love you are some of the most powerful and the scariest I have ever come across. People, I have noticed, tend to fear them and forget them. They are very hesitant to say and sometimes even show them. And I am talking about platonic love, parental love, sibling love, and just simple plain love of the people around you. Nothing too complicated like the LOVE of lovers. We go out, we interact, we see, we tease, we play, we fight, laugh, cry, vent, talk… yet the simplest of words of appreciation we never say.

I strongly believe in the power of “I love you”. They remind us of we feel towards one another, how appreciated we are. How loved we are. We don’t say them often enough. We fail to acknowledge this sentiment or articulate it. Sometimes we use hugs, gestures, gifts and yet we fear these words. Why? What have we got to loose?

I say the words “I love you” everyday to different people. I even say it more than once. I say it to my closest friends all the time. In the morning when I first interact with them whether it is in person or by phone or online, I make sure to let them know how important they are in my life. I say it when I see them later in the day. When I sign off, when I’m chatting with them, when I’m signing off and especially when I hug them. But my favorite time to say these words is randomly, out of the blue, for no reason. 

What is nice about doing this is when you put out love it comes back to you. Maybe not immediately, but it comes back genuinely and eventually and in different ways. So here it comes, a lot of love being sent to each of you reading this. I hope you pass it on and it comes back to you. Give it verbally or with a hug and just watch it come back. 

To all you beautiful readers, thank you and I love you.