Live music is something I have very mixed feelings about. Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it. And so sometimes I make the effort to go to an event and other times I won’t move off my couch. Last night, was one of the times were I did make the effort. 

Last night, our acclaimed local musician was singing, Ruba Saqr. Ruba has the most velveteen of voices and yet is very powerful. Her music and especially her voice washes over you like waves crashing on the shore. It calms you, it quiets you and yet with its power, it strength it moves you.

Every time I hear her sing in concert I am moved to tears. It isn’t the words, it isn’t the music. It is her voice. Something within is touched. And those waves wash over me and with their current I am taken away into a sea of thought, a sea of emotion that only comes when I hear her music. 

Part of her comes through in her music. She is a fiercely independent musician who has remained true to her voices, the musical and her inner spirit. She is releasing HER first album later this year. This is a feat of its own because she has independently produced it so that she may remain true to herself. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear her, then I do encourage you to visit her site (listed below) for a taste of the powerful velveteen voice. Personally, I love to be taken away and moved to tears by Ruba in person, and so I await her next concert. 

To learn more about Ruba Saqr and her Music visit: