I went walking the other night. It was not my intention to walk, and so I walked aimlessly in my neighborhood, Jabal Amman. Jabal Amman is a cozy place with everything around once corner or the other. 

As I walked, friendly faces passed me and greeted me. Strangers called out their greetings too. I stopped at the falafel store where I too greeted the old falafel man. We don’t know each others names but we are no strangers to each other. The DVD store was where I stopped next, and there I was reminded of an old connection to an acquaintance. I walked a bit further down an old street and ran into someone I did know by name as well as face. We chatted about nothing. A short walk away was a new Art shop I strolled into. I looked at the pieces on the walls with pleasure, spoke to the proprietor and friends who were there.  I ended my solitary walk at my favorite café, where it seems I was headed all along. 

The people, the places, the timing, all just happened to be. Only in my neighborhood can an aimless walk be so purposeful. I love Jabal Amman for all it has to offer, so come walk with me aimlessly around my neighborhood. I’d love to show you all around.