Have you ever felt that you are being pulled in all directions? Everyone wants something? Someone wants attention, someone else wants your time, someone else is demanding your presence, your opinion, a hug, your camera even. Its happening at work, with the family, your friends, loved one. You end up with no time for yourself. You become emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. You end up with no time to yourself.

Situations like that arise all the time. In the past I had no problem coping with it all. I was much better at setting boundaries. I regularly turned off my phone. I retreated into my sanctuary where I had everything I needed. But my guard has been let down. My sanctuary is invaded. I have and do feel crowded and stretched thin by all the demands to my attention and the taking up of my physical space. 

I was about to declare bankruptcy. I had no more to give and it was starting to show. Something out of the ordinary happened, I met with old high school friends I had not seen in a bit over a year. I had the pleasure of spending my time with both women and their beautiful children. The kids’ ages ranged from one to five. We spent the afternoon playing, shopping, walking. It was such a joy. The kids were the focal point and they were such happy joyous kids, easy to be around. I enjoyed myself so much that I went back for more the next day. 

It was an amazing weekend of relaxation, solitude, play, love and joy. Being with old friends, with whom you share a history, is a comfort. You revert back to your old self with out thinking about it. You are given the space to be. No needs, demands of the here and now. Just going back to basics. Healing and replenishing from an old old well of history and comfort. 

The children were an unlimited bountiful, and constantly giving source of love and energy, t hat is unconditional, genuine, innocent. Let me tell you about a  situation that stuck in my mind from those past two days. I was playing with Nuha. Nuha is around 3 years old. When we were done playing I asked Nuha for a hug and she willingly and enthusiastically wrapped her arms around me. When she let go, I looked at her smiling face and said again. She smiled even more and ran away. She ran to the end of the room, only to run back and throw herself into my arms. She continued to do that over 10 times. 

With love and energy like that I cant help but feel fully recharged. Not just recharged but rich, deliriously so. This weekend I spent two days with five beautiful, loving, fun and amazing kids.  They were energetic, innocent, unconditional in their giving. You do the math J