Trust is an interesting abstract concept. I am sure most of you have come across the exercise where a person stands in the middle of a circle and closes his or her eyes. They turn and then fall backwards. The person behind them in this circle is supposed to catch him or her. When doing this you have to close your eyes and trust that there is someone there, and that he or she will catch you. Falling down is one of the scariest feelings you can have; especially since you throw yourself willingly. Love is a lot like that. 

I read somewhere that trust is a prediction of reliance. It is a voluntary action that one places in another with no commitment from the other. It is something we choose to bestow or take away. It is something that is built with time. Trust is hard to build, and easy to destroy. 

Trusting someone with your heart is a very difficult decision. Letting them know how you feel, exposing yourself, allowing yourself to feel all of that is, for me, something I usually shy away from. When it does happen the prediction I am making is that it will be reciprocated and respected. If the trust falls, then like in all other disappointments in life you move on. You learn from it. 

I generally believe in the goodness of people. But I also believe that there is good and bad, both go hand in hand. It’s the Yin and Yang in each of us. I am a trusting person because I believe in the goodness, the light, the Yang. Yet I know there is the bad, the dark, the Yin.

To trust someone is to see the light in everything they do; even when what they see is dark. To trust someone is to believe in them, if they breach that it is not a failing of you but of them. It is not you that has fallen off a pedestal, but them. 

As children we were very trusting, yet as time goes by and we grew up, we learned not to trust everything and everyone around us. Our life experiences taught us to make these judgment calls, or not. They continue to be our experiences with time. I just hope I can make the right judgment calls when I need to, and not just in love, but in life too.