You ask “why me?” is there ever an answer that will satisfy either of us? I don’t know, I have no clue. What I know is there you were sitting next me. There I was sitting next to you. A look, a word, a charge of electricity passed between us. Cupid shot his arrow and it fell between us.We fought it, we flew with it. We tried to rationalize it and failed. Why you? If I knew I could fight you. If I knew I could leave you. If I knew I could replace you. You are and always will be and that is what matters today.

When it happened we knew each other not. When it happened we were worlds apart. Our collision course was so unpredictable. Sometimes you don’t choose. And with this lack of choice, I have been lucky.

You ask me “Why me?” I didn’t know then why or how, today I know you a little bit better. Today I love you a lot more. Today you are as clear to me as the full moon in the summer sky.

I didn’t choose you, but I now know some of why you.

You because you are the spirit that kindles my fire.
You because you are the wonder on a child’s face.
You because you arouse in me every emotion that was dead.
You because you dance like a kite in the wind.
You because you sing to my soul like a nightingale in a tree.
You because you run like a stallion in the meadow free and wild.
You because you teach me, challenge me, heal me.
You because you are my strength and weakness in one.
You because you are the joy and sorrow of life.
You because you are a spirit, an energy, that exudes life.
You because you are every contradiction and every desire.
You because you have made black and white become grey.
You because you are the magic spell I have fall under.
You because you are the inspiration of everyday.
You because YOU.We sometimes don’t choose who, but we choose why. That is, my love, why you.