Life has a funny way of moving you along in and out of people’s lives. The other day, and out of the blue, I ran into a woman I had not seen in ages. We stop and chatted only to find out that she will be working in the same place I am taking pottery classes. I had worked with this friend for years, only to loose touch with time as our careers took us in very different directions. Now after five years we see each other and will be seeing each other and reconnecting on a regular basis once again. Such is the nature of the world.

People come and go in our lives. To me it is such a joyous event running into and old friend whom I’ve lost touch with. Every time this happens I think of a bowl of spaghetti. Why pasta you ask? Well if each of our lives is represented by a string of spaghetti then it is only natural that our journeys in life intersects with other spaghetti strands. Sometimes, we end up swirled together, other times we crisscross in and out of each other’s lives. Sometimes a strand has more spice or salt at some point, others are bland, some are hot, some are cold, some end up at the other side of the bowl, and others are always with us till the end of our strands. That is the bowl of life spaghetti.

I’m never sad when I say good bye to my friends, because deep down inside I know that if it is meant to be I will run into them again. The spaghetti gets tossed every now and then by the craziness that is our lives and if it is meant to be we will meet again and again.