Every book is a journey; it takes you places and introduces you to people and ideas. This book I am reading is such an amazingly written and beautifully constructed work that I can’t help but want to share its pages with everyone. Mosteghanemi. Here are two extracts one about lovers’ first encounter and the other is about the questions we ask.

“I love the stories behind romantic encounters. In every encounter between a man and a woman, there is a miracle, something beyond them that brings them together at the same time and place to step into the path of the same tornado. That’s why lovers always remain dazed by the impact of their first encounter, even after they have split up. It’s a kind of ecstasy that can’t be recaptured, because it’s the only pure thing that is preserved from the destruction love leaves in its wake. ”

And this other extract is about questions as I mentioned earlier. I always look for intriguing answers from people for the simplest questions but never really find them. We are always stuck in our traditional definition of who we are through our work, our family that we don’t explore our selves. Here Mosteghanemi presents the other side of that … the questions: 

“People? They usually only ask stupid questions, forcing you to reply with equally stupid answers. For instance, they ask you what you do, not what would you have liked to do. They ask you what you own, not what you have lost. They ask you about the woman you married, not about the one you love. About your name, but not if it suits you. They ask your age, but not how well you’ve lived those years. They ask about the city you live in, but not the city that lives in us. And they ask if you pray, not if you fear God.

So I’ve gotten used to answering these questions with silence. You know, when we shut up, we force others to reconsider their mistakes.“

I love this book I’m enjoying every page it is challenging and relevant with every turn. It sheds a different light on everyday things and it makes you realize the chaos that bombards our senses in love and life.