I recently went fishing as many of you know. My trip was one that took me to the sea of life. There I let me net out trying to find anything, something, but it came back empty so many times. I kept navigating the seas only to realize I was heading into a storm. The fish I wanted to catch, desperately needed to catch, were all swimming the other way.


I tried to avoid the storm, and ride the waves away but it was futile. I got caught in its midst. I was tossed left and right. I felt my boat sinking and I was sinking with it. I had no anchor, no sail, no life boat. My net only came back with bottom feeders, sharks, and other sea monsters waiting for the kill.


In my deepest despair, I closed my eyes. I looked within. Inside me I found my calm waters. Inside, I found my sun. Inside, the monsters can’t hunt me. Inside, the storm is no longer.


I opened my eyes and with their opening came the light. Slowly, it seeped through the storm clouds. The waves were gradually getting smaller, the seas less choppy. The predators knew they would get no prey. I won’t let a storm defeat me. I am my anchor, I am my sail, I am my life boat. I am floating on the sea of life.


I am lost at sea with no direction. I am lost for I have no compass. But I do have my light from within. I cast my net once again. I have caught nothing worth keeping, because everything I need is within.