You are born alone, you die alone, its an age old adage. But throughout our lives we meet people, we form bonds, we have relationships. People have come and gone throughout my life, but recently I must say that even though I am alone, I feel loved. No, I feel very loved.

Everyday, I see people, I talk to them and interact with them, virtually even, but their love comes through. I feel very lucky. The number of people that show me, tell me, and prove to me that they love me is ever growing. It is a lovely feeling to be able to tell someone you love them and know that they too love you. To know that there is nothing behind those words except affection, care and support. To be able to say to them those three words, and mean them. It is unadulterated, it is good, it is warming.   

I think its important to tell people you love them. We get bogged down with so many things in life; we get distracted that we forget to let them know. I also think we should say it when we can and as often as possible. This doesn’t diminish its sincerity, but rather reaffirms it. Whatever you put out there you get back, so why not let it be love? Say it with your good morning messages, say it with your hugs, say it at the end of your phone calls. Say it with your hellos and goodbyes. Don’t be afraid of those words. They don’t hurt, they heal.

To my loved ones, with warm hugs and kisses, I say I love you, I appreciate you, and I love having you in my life. Thank you for being a part of it, thank you for the care, support, energy, and love that you give to me everyday and for that I feel very blessed. I say it again and again. I LOVE YOU.