Growing up I was very opposed to dying my hair. Natural was the way to go. Then one day about five or six years ago I decided to “go crazy”, and I put highlights in my hair. It was fun, and looked great, but it was a one time thing, or so I thought. Since then I’ve had a whole range of colors and color styles including red, fuchsia, copper, blonde, purple and brown.  

This year, and after being a brunette for two, I decided to go blonde with the motto blondes have more fun! It was a dramatic change and with a lighter shades my  mood and spirit have gotten lighter. When asked do blondes have more fun? My response is “We sure do”.  Is it because I am blonde? I think a little of it is and a lot of it isn’t.

I myself have not changed, and my shift in moods was a conscious choice irrespective of my hair color. People’s views though are another story, and with the lighter hair their true opinions of beauty were subtly shown. But seriously, our perceptions of ourselves and our own vitality are the major players in our lives and how we live them. Last year was a horrible year for me in many ways. It had many lows and in different areas and few highs. I was very happy to see 2006 go that I rung in the new year with a big bang. I put myself in a positive frame of mind. I decided to do things that were good for me! I decided to make small and big changes to manifest the good in my life. The hair color was one of these changes. I’m defiantly having more fun this year and yes I’m still a blonde… so if you ask me do blondes have more fun?  This year they sure do! 

The Blonde Look