Have you ever hear of the concept of six degrees of separation? The theory, I believe, is that each of us on this earth is separated from the other by six degrees. In other words, you can find with in six steps a common link between you and someone on the other side of the world. Fascinating isn’t it?   Well, this morning I got an email from a former study abroad student, and what is amazing is that she met someone I know all the way in New Hampshire, and even more amazing is the fact that they were able to find their degrees of separation, two degrees, some may even argue one degree!   

The world is constantly getting smaller and smaller. Our means of transportation primarily and communication secondly are making meeting and interacting with people easier, faster and more tangible. Just yesterday, I met someone from the UK, who coincidently I had interacted with months ago via email. I never expected to meet this person, but who would have guessed I would run into him at a visit to a family I know! I think that if the world didn’t have the airplanes, cars, trains we would still take months to trek across the globe and not meet and see as many amazing people and places. If we didn’t have phones, mailing systems, and the internet it would take a lot more effort and a lot more time to talk to and interact with our extensive networks. In fact our networks would probably be much smaller, and include only be the people within our local vicinity, people we can only see, and talk to face to face. But instead we can continue our relationships and make them ever rewarding through modern technology. 

  I am constantly pleasantly surprised by the links we all have with each other, and sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming how you can not be anonymous anymore. But the world is ever growing smaller and bigger at the same time. It may be we have six degrees of separation between each of us, but I will go further and say that, at least in Jordan, it isn’t six degrees of separation, but two and a half.