Ice doesn’t fill itself, money doesn’t grow on trees, and the vodka always runs out. How many times have you gone to your freezer only to find the ice tray empty? Why can’t the person who used that lovely last cube fill it up? Why do we always renegade on our responsibility? Maybe that is too strong a word for ice, so let me rephrase, why cant we be more considerate of our icy needs and fill that tray, it really can’t fill itself on its own.  

But moving right on… money trees are great dreams. I remember reading in Pinocchio about one of the little mishaps that takes place where two little crooks try to swindle Pinocchio out of his money by convincing him that if he buries his coins and then waters them a money tree will grow in its place. YEAH RIGHT!  I tried that the other day in the balcony. All I wanted was to be able to stop working and jet set around the globe, read all day and hang out with my friends. I’m still waiting for that tree to grow! By the way, I’m also on the look out for a sugar daddy if you know of anyone, until then its off to work everyday.  

And why is it when you least expect it or least desire it there is no vodka in the bottle? Why is it good things don’t last? I guess if I think about it in this very sober state, it’s because every good thing requires hard work and some sort of planning. Not just that, but also if ice doesn’t fill itself, and money doesn’t grow on trees its only natural that the vodka should run out, right?   So here’s to ice, money and vodka. They may never fill themselves, grow on trees, and always run out. But somehow it all works out, because there is so much more to life than ice, money and vodka.