July 2007

When I was younger I read a book with that title. It was about the author and his coming of age and learning to fly with the air force. But every time I think of those words my life pops up in front of me. I’m always flying solo and not just in an airplane.  I’ve soared high above mountains, traveled far a field, dipped low into valleys and cruised through clouds.

There were times I flew on autopilot and I enjoyed the view from high above. Whether it was over a city, the sea , or mountains and valleys, I would cruised through most times alone, but sometimes with friends and loved ones all around. Those are lovely times with wonder, joy and laughter.  

But skies aren’t always clear and so I flew through storms with thunder and storms with out. The tempests were scary and at times I could not see where I was going, I didn’t know if I was going to make it. Those times I usually started off flying solo. When I was younger I always flew alone, sorted my stuff out alone. But as I grew older, and when I least expect it, a voice or two would come through on the radio. Someone would be there to fly me through the stormy weather, other times they just would hold my hand, and let me fly, giving me strength and support in silence. Knowing they are there on the other side of the line always gives me comfort. 

 Today, I have learnt to navigate the skies flying solo and sometimes I just truly go it alone. But I must say I love it when people join me for the ride. And to those that help me through the storms I thank you and hope that I can be your copilot when you need it. 

Hi, My name is Sally and I am addicted to facebook. Well, this is my attempt to move away from that site, even for a little bit. When I facebooked I wrote nearly everyday. I will now move that writing to here and start officially blogging.  So I hope you enjoy my writings and I would love to hear back from you.